A Member Organization

The Artists’ Gallery has fifteen members who work in a variety of media. Functioning as a cooperative provides our artists opportunities to learn new techniques, critique each other’s work, share resources and provide enthusiastic encouragement to each other.

Benefits of Membership

Members are allotted equal opportunities to display their work. Every other month the art is rotated and members are encouraged to display new work. Artists whose work can’t be hung (potters, jewelry, wood carvers, etc.) are displayed on shelves, in cabinets and on tables. The Aesthetics Committee oversees arrangement of artwork within the Gallery on an ongoing basis. In addition to their allotted space, the members are provided the opportunity of having a special exhibit. Gallery members also enjoy the benefit of exhibiting their work at locations outside the Gallery.

Application for Membership

New members are welcome, depending upon space available. Each applicant is interviewed by the membership committee and 2-3 pieces of work are juried by the general membership at its monthly meeting. Acceptance is determined at that time.

New members must be willing and able to accept the conditions of membership. Dues are $165.00 for three months, payable in advance. The Gallery charges a 20% commission on work sold. The gallery also collects the tax and submits the tax to the State Revenue Department.

Members are required to work at the Gallery equally to provide for the sale of art and to maintain the Gallery.  Additional obligations include attending an initial orientation, attending monthly business meetings, and helping with special functions and maintenance of the gallery.

Application to Join the Artists’ Gallery

Download the application and either email it to Bill Koss at or drop off at the gallery when open. Download the membership requirements here.