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Allen Zimmerman

-"DrivenOutofEden", Acrylic, NFS

-“DrivenOutofEden”, Acrylic, NFS

Allen Zimmerman, The Bath, 30x40, Acrylic on Canvas, $700

Allen Zimmerman, The Bath, 30×40, Acrylic on Canvas, $700

Media/Speciality: Watercolor & Acrylic

Allen Zimmerman, Pacific Northwest Artist worked in promotions for a community college, large N.W. Wholesale Nursery and as a Graphic Designer. I took up the brush in the late 70’s and have followed its lead ever since. I like realism as an artistic grounding process but find artistic satisfaction in pursuit of the abstract. I am fortunate in that my material seems to find a ready market but it keeps me low on inventory. Always experimenting and looking forward to the next blank canvas.