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Darcie Richardson and Ernie Wagner



Ernie and Darcie


Ernie Wagner makes outstanding and unique glass beads in the lampworking tradition. When he gives the beads to his creative partner & wife, Darcie Richardson, she goes on to create pendants, baubles, and necklaces utilizing a huge variety of antique, vintage, and contemporary beads to augment his beautiful creations. She designs and makes gorgeous jewelry intended to wear everyday, casual or elegant!

Ernie’s beads represent hours of experimentation and exploration into the dynamic characteristics of glass. Darcie has a background in graphic art and design. Together, they collaborate to offer unique beads and jewelry through their cottage industry, Chanterelle Glass Bead Creations, located in Olympia, WA.


                        Chanterelle Glass Bead Creations


Darcie Richardson, Necklace Darcie Richardson, Jewelry Darcie Richardson, Jewelry Darcie Richardson, Jewelry Darcie Richardson, Beads