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Laraine Wade

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 Laraine Wade

Media/Specialty:   Oils, Watercolor, Ceramics and Collage
Artist’s Statement:

Laraine has been oil painting full time since she retired. Her recent work, which includes leaves and twigs, came about while walking through the forest in the fall. The leaves had fallen and one could see them just barely hanging or draped like fabric on the branch with the sun going through them. A feeling of peace and serenity comes over her while out in the forest. The light and transparency of the leaves are intriguing. The forest is quiet and beautiful and constantly inspires her. Living above the water influenced her to start water landscapes this year. They depict possible places one has been.

Collages came about after making many quilts and viewing all the scrapes one hesitates to throw away. New abstract designs have grown to abstract figures doing regular activities. Laraine’s new abstract paintings include inks, pearlescent powders and watercolors. She uses the pearlescent powders and gel pens instead of gold threads and papers. Mixing color, pattern and texture makes the collage so much fun to create, a bit of humor. see her art at

Laraine Wade, bloom,19×22.5,mixed media