The Artists' Gallery

Ruth Bravetti

Media/Specialty: Multiple Media

Artists Statement: 

The process is the most important part of creating artwork. The years of experience, education, and emotional ups and downs are expressed in my artwork. The work reveals how deep within myself I am willing to go. How far from known realities (anchors) and social acceptance I am willing to surrender for true art. The why, how, and where in understanding a work of artwork creation may be beyond even myself, the artist. My artwork is must more than the visible surface and its resemblances to life’s experiences. It is the essence of my past, present and future. It may evoke strong feelings from the viewer such as his or her deep emotional self-experiences, or it may be dismissed with indifference, shunned. These are social risks I take when displaying my art. Using paint, ink, clay, paper, and electronic media has always been a natural means to express the deep spirit within that is who I am.