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Sylvia Olson

Sylvia Olsen "refuge"-16x20-goldleaf_$400

Sylvia Olsen “refuge”-16×20-goldleaf_$400

Media/ Specialty: Mixed Medium
Artists’ Statement:

Process, color and texture underline my desire to paint.  My earliest memories are filled with a keen awareness of color and texture.  I appreciate any and all combinations so I am constantly trying out new ideas to see where they may lead.  My intent is to continue to experience great pleasure blending colors and textures in new and at times surprising combinations using any media that attracts me at that time.   My active lifestyle of gardening, biking, skiing, hiking, traveling and socializing, provide me with my pallet.  It is my intent to release any impulses that may inhibit the pure enjoyment of my journey into a painting.  The process is the joy of it, as I explore possibilities through various painting mediums. I paint to please myself, often dancing to inspiring music while I paint, literally getting into the flow.  Much of what I paint currently is my “flow works” as the paints are allowed to flow and create their own character.  I hope people who appreciate my work share the joy I express and the energy produced by “going with the flow”.