The Artists' Gallery

Terry DeHart , Photographer

As a retired engineer with some artistic ability, photography provides the right mix of art and technology to suit me. Every time I look at a mountain, a building, a person, etc., I see a possible photograph. Composition, lighting, and subject, are there, if you just look for them. Combine that with a myriad of technical requirements and you might get a good photograph. Finally, whether with the camera, in the darkroom or on the computer, an artistic eye helps.
I do like manipulating photographs to suit my vision. Frequently is look at a scene and see it as a painting, not as an exact rendition of the actual scene. Sometimes I get a photo that while compositionally okay, just doesn’t jump out at me. So between Raw processing software, Photoshop and a few other software programs on my computer I go to work until the photo looks right to me.

Check out my website for more images of my work