Everlasting Bloom

Jane King

Fine Art

Jane King has been creating art for over sixty years. Her styles range from realism to the impressionistic. Intuitive brushwork and fresh, sure color inform her experienced palette. She enjoys using a variety of media including watercolor, pastel, gouache, acrylic, and oil to create visually exciting compositions.

Contact Jane directly watercolor433@yahoo.com

Having lived all over America, Jane most often paints the beautiful landscapes she came to love: from the Pacific Northwest to southern California, the east coast from Connecticut to Virginia to Key West, Florida, the Midwest, as well as memories of her youth in the Southwest. Jane is always inspired by her faith, so visible in her landscapes, but also in her portraits of family, friends and her beloved pets.

Jane’s work has won many awards, has been acknowledged nationally, and is in many fine collections across America and the world. In her hometown of Olympia, WA, Jane’s work can be seen in exhibitions curated by the Olympia Art League and regularly at State of the Arts Gallery.


Contact Jane directly watercolor433@yahoo.com