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Paula Glaser


I’m a self taught photographer with a sincere passion for all things photographic: beautiful light and beautiful places. Capturing moments of serenity and wonder is a feeling that just might transport you right to into the image. I absorb the beauty of landscapes, and it is the wonderment of nature that intrigues me.

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More About Paula

Growing up in Virginia, I realized at a very young age that I was fascinated with photography. I remember the Brownie camera my dad had and when my brother gave me my first film camera was hooked. I recall my family asking time and time again “Would you please put that camera down?”  

I’ve always been an outdoor gal who loves to hike and embrace adventure. When I started paying more attention to light and shadows, my passion for photography grew. Capturing images that evoke a positive response is such a great feeling. 


In 2016 I moved to Olympia, Washington not knowing anyone, but the beauty of the the Pacific Northwest called out to me.I love it, It’s a photographer’s paradise.


I’ve often been asked where do I show my work, the reality was that my collection was kept hidden for years as my images hung on only my walls. 

Family and friends have inspired me to show my work . My first display was at the Minna Gallery in San Francisco. From there my images were displayed at The Levi Strauss Center, numerous art shows, restaurants throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and currently at The Artist’s Gallery In Olympia, Washington.       


Photography gets my creative juices flowing and truly brings a sense of balance into my life. As an artist, my goal is to visually capture and communicate my vision as my art captures the hearts of others.

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