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Paula Kerr

Fine Art, Jewelry, Porcelain

Paula Kerr is a porcelain, jewelry, and watercolor artist with a life-long love of nature. Schooled on local flora and fauna by her mother from a young age, she continued her botany education, earning an AA. After inheriting a pottery studio, she began to explore carving and painting flowers and scenes in the clay, making bowls, vases, ornaments, jewelry, and wind chimes.

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More About Paula

In 1996, Paula began the study of the mineral overglaze process typically called china painting. Lustres, raised paste, dichroic glass, fired fine metals and silver art clay are all materials Paula has explored and incorporated into her porcelain and jewelry art. Paula has exhibited, competed and marketed her work at county, state, regional, and international porcelain art shows in WA/OR/MT/CO and NE.


Her work has appeared in two international porcelain art magazines. She was an active teacher from 2000 until 2014 and still gives the occasional class on specific porcelain or jewelry processes. After retiring from State service in 2009, Paula began the study of watercolor by painting with her mother, local artist Patricia Wirhol, each week until her Mom died in 2015. She joined The Artist’s Gallery in 2010 and continues to be active in local and international porcelain art organizations.

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