Cora Morley Eklund

Cora Morley  Eklund

I  draw more than places and objects.  I draw feelings and memories.  I remember a warm sunny day with grasses brushing my legs.  I remember the cool wrap of fog and distant calls of birds from a day at the beach.  I remember pungent dampness and rustlings under trees.  I remember dramatic black and gray thunderclouds, brilliant sunsets and white tendrils of mist.  I remember moments from life. have lived my entire life on the West Coast and 25 years in Washington.  I feel at home with the ocean, waterways, and vegetation of the West.  The clouds, skies, and weather are familiar to me. I am flexible with my materials and styles.  I use whatever reflects the moment; whatever best reveals the feelings of a time and place and feels natural to the setting.

I have enjoyed drawing since I was a child and have studied with various instructors.  But I prefer learning by doing and finding my own rhythms and inspirations.  I draw to express myself, without the usual restrictions of daily life.

                                                               Drawing is freedom, exploration, and discovery.