Laraine Wade

Laraine Wade

Artist Statement

My passion is to see what happens with the materials that I use. I have been quilting over 30

years.  Beginning like all quilters, I began with a  classic design.   From then on I started

drawing my own patterns. I love the challenge.  I draw the designs on a piece of copy paper.

then finding one that I love, I enlarge it onto 1″ graph paper. Next making tissue patterns .  I shop from my tables of fabric, selecting those that may work.  From then on it is educated guess work to choose the fabrics that actually work.  I machine piece and only hand quilt all my quilts.  The fabric tells me the designs to quilt or I use some of the patterns on the fabrics.  The quilting  is what adds life and dimension to the fabrics.  For a bit of glitz I add beads where needed.  I have a passion for designing quilts, and just keep doing it.