Laraine Wade: Fine Art

Laraine Wade: Fine Art

My passion is to see what happens with the materials that I use. It is exciting to see how they take on a life of their own, once they begin to flow. The paintings are a constant surprise, never a repeat. My work expresses light, movement, simplicity, and elegance. The paintings are serene but always express a feeling that the viewer chooses.

I started late in my art career, teaching, and children somehow got in the way of growth. While teaching high school in Lacey, I rediscovered painting, along with ceramics, drawing, and design.

My paintings at the time reflected nature, flowers, leaves, and landscapes. A couple of years ago, I switched to abstract work which is exciting. I have also returned to oils.  The materials direct my ideas and I go with the movement on the paper. Where they meet, new lines and textures appear like magic.

I also paint with fabric in a sense, drawing the designs and putting together contemporary fabric wall art. Machine pieced, hand quilted and beaded. It is a joy to explore both areas at this time.

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  • Vases, Mixed, 23x36" $760