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Bill Koss Olympia Wood Worker

Bill Koss

Wood Artisan

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Bill believes that wood can possess a personality; that it waits for someone to release its latent personality. He looks for the opportunity to let the wood express itself. In doing this, he prefers curves over straight lines. Natural colors over stains. This does not mean wood must always appear alone. Wood combines well with other brightly colored woods. And glass and metal can accessorize the natural attributes that nature provides. Even colored stones occasionally appear in his projects. In short, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating new projects.

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More About Bill

The majority of his material is sourced from local mills operated by one person. He also scavenges left over material from neighbors. His father’ pack-rat attributes provides some uncommon opportunities to innovate.


His goals are to continue growing his woodworking skills; to avoid artificial limitations as he creates and produce functional and attractive art.

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