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Capital Mall Promenade

2505 4th Ave W, Suite 105

Olympia, WA 98502

Phone (360) 357-6920

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Inquire about art or with general questions below. 

Open Hours Weds-Saturday 10-7, Sunday 12-5

Contact an Artist Directly

If you have viewed an art piece at the gallery or on our website, and want to purchase it, please contact the gallery during the hours of 10-7 Wednesday through Saturday, 12-5 Sunday. 

You may call us to purchase over the phone and we can have your piece ready and wrapped for pickup at the gallery. If you would like to have an item shipped, please contact the artist by the email below. The artist can determine the shipping costs and work with you directly.

Contact the Artist:

Brennan, Jackie:

Bulatovic, Suzana:

Diamond, Michael:

Hoover, Kim:

Kerr, Paula:

Koss, Bill:

Myer, Carol Smith:

Peck, Neil:

Schulte, Mia:

Smith, Judith Gebhard:

Spring, Jefferson:

Stave, Brad:

Wade, Laraine:

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