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Mt Rainier Neil Peck

Neil Peck

Woodblock Prints

I am largely self-taught with little formal training as an artist and printmaker.  My mission is to create art that is joyful in spirit, universal in nature, and that is accessible and affordable to others. Inspirations include the birds, animals, and mountains of my native Pacific Northwest. I am fascinated by subjects which give me the opportunity to explore the textures and patterns which can be made with the various engraving tools.


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More About Neil

I became interested in printmaking from watching my parents make linoleum cut Christmas cards when I was a child. I began making my own linoleum cut Christmas cards in 1996 and I made my first wood engraving in 2005. In 2009 decided go beyond a yearly Christmas card to pursue wood engraving and printmaking as a serious calling. I sought out Carl Montford, a master wood engraver and printer in Seattle from whom I was able to get a few good lessons which I still draw upon today. Through Carl’s influence I also bought my printing presses and taught myself to print on them.

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