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Mia Schulte

Fine Art, Textiles

Mia Schulte was born in Turkey and grew up in a family that traveled and lived in many countries, in Europe and the Middle East. Her careers have ranged from corporate work in Washington, D.C. to Art Teacher to full-time artist. She moved to Washington State 14 years ago, and currently resides in Olympia, Washington. Inspired by the natural beauty of the state, she incorporates the beauty of natural forms in her abstract compositions.

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Artist Statement

Abstract Expressions

My art is a reflection of my thoughts and experiences.  I often think about a painting long before the image materializes.  Introspection is what drives my work. I work on the floor so that I can have a 360 degree view and feel closer to the work.  I apply multiple layers combining the various mediums such as acrylic, ink, pastel, etc. The painting evolves with each new layer as I proceed to clarify the message/feeling that I want to express. I strive to represent observations about the complexities of daily life using natural forms to express my thoughts. The themes of time, change, movement, transformation, are ever present in my work.


Mia's art has been shown in exhibitions throughout the state since 2007. She was selected as one of the featured artists for an exhibition at South Puget Sound Community College entitled: “Drawn to Abstraction:  Four Artists, Four Visions”.  Her work has been shown in the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, Seattle Design Center, Bellevue Art Museum, Tacoma Community College Gallery as well as galleries and exhibitions in Seattle, Bellingham, Edmonds, Bellevue, Yakama and other cities throughout the state. Additional exhibitions have been in Oregon and New York City.  She is a member of Women Painters of Washington.

Represented by: Women Painters of Washington Gallery, Seattle, WA


To view additional works please visit her website

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