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Interview with Jewelry Artist Jackie Brennan

Being an artist naturally brings with it many gifts. Jackie Brennan sees in 3D-Color! To find out more about this gift and her skills, call the Gallery for an appointment with Jackie to see her work, and learn how she builds a necklace. Better yet, come by and purchase something beautiful for yourself! She can make Mother-of the-Bride pieces or make a custom piece to match a special outfit. She can take apart an old necklace and update it or repair it.

There just wasn’t a time when Jackie did not draw, sew or create. She filled her moments making something or teaching something to someone. She taught the kids in her neighborhood, in her church and later she taught kids in her own classroom.

Labradorite, mother of pearl, and pink quartz, $200 necklace and earring set.

Sodalite, beach glass, and mother of pearl, $100 necklace and earrings set.

The most important artistic influence in her life, she tells us, was her mother. Her mother hailed from New York and studied Art in college. After this period her mom went to work in the Fashion Industry. Jackie tells us her mother taught her the importance of color and of using quality materials or at least the “best she could afford”. Jackie’s many talents, knowledge of color and depth of perception make her work beautiful. She searches for quality pieces when she travels. In fact, she was inspired to begin her business ten years ago because of a beautiful necklace she saw on a trip to Greece.

Whether studying, taking classes or collecting treasures while travelling, in all these years she has not repeated one design! Each piece is truly a one of a kind!

Her children also inspire her she tells me. They are smart, good human beings, working to make the world a better place. This is what inspires all her creations!

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