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Interview with Wood Artisan Bill Koss

Bill Koss

Bill Koss got off to an early start as his dad’s interest in tinkering encouraged him to explore functional woodworking. Bill still calls himself a crafter and enjoys making useful items that also appeal to our eyes. He jokes that his wife has played the greatest role by allowing him to commandeer their garage for his shop.

Local artisans Greg Klassen and Seth Rolland have inspired him with their use of curves in creating. He is also inspired by being a part of The Artists’ Gallery. Bill says the gallery has not only helped him develop a venue in which to sell but a reason and opportunity to create more art!

You will be especially fascinated to see how he combines wood, metal and glass in his work. He also relies on the natural beauty of the wood for his color choices.

“One of the greatest gifts of my life,” He says, “has been my ability to create things that people can enjoy for a longtime, especially when something is made just for them.” When asked what he is most proud of he smiles and tells us of his most recent project. Whatever it is, his inspiration grows right along with his woodworking skills.

When asked to name his favorite historical period, artist or development, he answers, “That has to be my gratitude for the development of power tools.”

Come savor the beauty of this man’s contemporary woodworking style. Come find the special gifts Bill Koss uncovers.

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