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Welcome New Photographer Tom Hyde - Black and White Art Photography

Welcome new Olympia local photographer Thomas Hyde

We are thrilled to introduce our newest member and black and white photography, Tom Hyde. Tom's work is crip, balanced and alluring. His beautiful prints are now up at the gallery, come and see them and learn more about Tom's stunning work.


There is often a sense of wonder in the making of a photograph. It can be found in the search for a subject, or the careful framing of a scene but most particularly in the act of seeing things, often the familiar, differently. A good photograph, for me, conveys this sense of discovery.

I seek to see the world in a less literal way. My work is driven by finding drama and mystery in the seemingly commonplace aspects of the world around us. I am always curious.

In my most recent work, I’ve been revisiting the familiar near my home - from Olympia to the coast - to bring new perspectives to the often seen and explore the magic in the mundane.

All of my photographs are archival pigment prints on the finest papers, usually those made by Hahnemüehle, a German manufacturer of fine papers since 1584. My black and white photographs are printed using Piezography which utilizes special inks and has the highest resolution and most subtle tonal range of any black and white printing process. It is also the most archival.

All of my prints are sold in limited editions of 10 or less, usually in three different sizes.


A native of Richmond, Virginia, Tom has lived in Washington State since 1988.

Tom began developing his own film at the age of 12. He has worked in a number of fields including environmental policy, journalism and custom woodworking. Photography has been a lifelong passion throughout. He has studied on location with several Magnum Photos photographers.

His work has appeared in The Sun, National Parks, and Le Monde (Paris) as well as Puget Sound magazines Seattle City Arts, South Sound and 425, and numerous newspapers including the San Francisco Chronicle. Exhibitions include The Evergreen State College and Blue Sky Gallery in Portland. Recognition includes a first place award in magazine photography by the Society for Professional Journalists.

Contact Tom directly at

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