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Welcome Michael Diamond, Olympia Local Glass Artist, Kiln-Fired Glass Sculpture

Updated: Mar 7, 2023


el currently lives in Kamilche, Washington and works in kiln cast glass, stone and metal.

He is fascinated by the processes of erosion, growth, geologic formation and the stories told by

stones, fossils and archeological remnants unearthed from buried strata. The beauty of natural

processes and the shapes of water always have influenced his art.

I grew up exploring the forests, beaches and inlets of Puget Sound. The shapes and textures of bark, leaves, stones, shells, erosion and the patterns of light on water shaped my early impressions of the world.

I have been working in cast glass since 2013 and have worked in stone and metal for over ten years. I got my first camera when I was fifteen and have enjoyed making images throughout life.

I studied Fine Arts at the University of Puget Sound, worked in sculpture and bronze casting at Pierce College and graduated from The Evergreen State College with a degree in media arts. I worked in photography and media production for over twenty years producing narrative video, documentary and interactive multimedia.

During my media career I had the opportunity to document a variety of archaeology projects and developed a lifelong interest in the stories told by artifacts of ancient cultures. I continue to bring my love of archaeology to my work.

I believe that beauty enhances our lives and I hope to make art that brings joy and enriches the lives of people who bring my art into their homes. The appearance of glass objects are dynamic as they constantly change with the light.

Please feel free to contact Michael directly with any questions.

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